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OPEGA Report – Shipbuilding Facility Investment Tax Credit, May 2024
Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program Annual Report CY23
Committee Chart 3/25/2024
131st Taxation Committee Calendar 2024
Bill Chart 3/19/2024 WS
CY2023 SFTC Annual Report - BIW
CY2023 Paper Manufacturing Facility Credit Report - Twin Rivers
CY2023 MFPM Annual Report - Penobscot McCrum
CY2023 MBHE Annual Report - IDEXX
Maine Board of Tax Appeals (BTA) 2023 Annual Report
Audit and Collection Report Sec. 113 FY23 (8-18-23)
Revenue Loss of Certain Tax Credits - (12-31-23)
Land Use Planning Commission Annual Report of Funding FY24
LD 1900 Amendment Review
LD 1345 Amendment Reviews
Requests During FY23 for Adjustment of Equalized Valuation (Sudden and Severe Report) 1-25-24
Developing a Fishing Community Protection Tax Incentive Program (LD 1895 Study) 2-1-24
MRS Maine's Taxation of Metallic Mineral Mining Business Activity 1-15-24
MRS Study of the Impact of Exempting Certain Nonprofit Organizations from the Sales and Use Tax and the Service Provider Tax 1-15
Report of the Working Group to Study Equity in the Property Tax Foreclosure Process 1-15-24
Bills Carried Over from 2023 Sessions (TAX)
2023 Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report
MeSHA report on HOME Fund April 2023
LD 1475 Sponsor Amendment 5/10/2023
MRS Presentation Property Tax Relief Programs 3/28/2023
New Ventures Maine annual report 1-27-23
DAFS Tribal Collaboration Policy 12-15-22
DAFS Tribal Collaboration report 1-10-23
Water resources study report 2022
2022 Board of Tax Appeals Annual Report
Expedited Review-OPEGA Report 2022
MRS – Shipbuilding Facility tax credit 12-31-22
MRS – Major Business HQs tax credit 12-31-22